Sanriku Railway Money-Saving Info

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Sanriku 1-Day Free Ticket
A single-day ticket that allows Sanriku Railway passengers unlimited use of the Minami-Riasu Line and Kita-Riasu Line.

Sanriku Railway 1-Way Stopover Ticket
A passenger ticket which is the same price as a regular ticket and allows for a stopover.

Kita-Iwate Gurutto Pass
A discount ticket which allows passengers to travel from Morioka – Ninohe – Kuji - Miyako -Morioka using and transferring among the IRG Iwate Galaxy Railway, JR Bus Tohoku, Sanriku Railway, and Northern Iwate Transportation Inc. Bus.

106 Express Bus - Sanriku Railway Sightseeing Free Pass
A discount ticket package which includes a roundtrip ticket on Northern Iwate Transportation Inc. 106 Express Bus for Morioka – Miyako travel and a free 2-day ticket on the Sanriku Railway Kita-Riasu Line