Notification About Operation of Kita-Sanriku Tatami Mat Car
Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. started operation of its “Kita-Sanriku Tatami Mat Train” in fiscal 2018 as described below:

■Days of Operation

The train will mainly operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from April 28 (Sat.) through September 30 (Sun.), 2018.
April 28 - May 6: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
June 23 - July 29: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
August 18 - September 30: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
(August 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th are not operate. )


112D: Departs Kuji Station 12:07 - Arrives Miyako Station 13:45
(Becomes a local train along the route.)

8113D: Departs Miyako Station 14:40 - Arrives Kuji Station 16:32
*Since it is a rapid-transit train, it does not stop at Yamaguchi Danchi, Sabane, Settai, Shirai-Kaigan, and Rikuchu-Ube.

The 811D departing Miyako Station bound for Kuji Station is a special rapid-transit train operating under a different timetable than regular trains. Partway along its route at Shimanokoshi Station, which was rebuilt after suffering an earthquake, and Horinai Station, which appeared in the NHK morning TV serial “Amachan” as “Sodegahama Station,” the train will conform to a timetable for local trains and passengers can disembark onto the platform. In addition, the train will stop at sections in between stations with particularly good scenery so passengers can enjoy the views from the train windows.


1112D: 36 regular cars (regular seats, free seating) + 36-Z1 (tatami mat seats, reserved seats)
8113D: 36-Z1 (tatami mat seats, reserved seats)

■Fares, Fees

Fares for the boarding sections (example: 1,850 yen one-way Kuji – Miyako) Reserved seats: 300 yen)
Departing Kuji for Miyako Departing Miyako for Kuji
Station Name Time Station Name Time
Kuji dep 12:07 Miyako dep 14:40
Rikuchu-Ube dep 12:16 Ichinowatari dep 14:49
Rikuchu-Noda dep 12:21 Taro arr 14:57
Tofugaura-Kaikan dep 12:24 dep 14:58
Noda-Tamagawa dep 12:30 Iwaizumi-Omoto arr 15:11
Horinai dep 12:38 dep 15:17
Shirai-Kaigan dep 12:47 Shimanokoshi arr 15:25
Fudai dep 12:52 dep 15:30
Tanohata dep 13:08 Tanohata dep 15:34
Shimanokoshi dep 13:07 Fudai dep 15:45
Iwaizumi-Omoto dep 13:16 Horinai arr 15:54
Settai dep 13:21 dep 15:59
Taro dep 13:35 Noda-Tamagawa dep 16:08
Sabane dep 13:40 Tofugaura-Kaikan dep 16:12
Ichinowatari dep 13:45 Rikuchu-Noda arr 16:16
Yamaguchi-Danchi dep 13:51 dep 16:20
Miyako arr 13:54 Kuji arr 16:32

■Bento Boxed Meals and Meal Reservations

・Enjoy Sanriku Railway's Seafood Bento Boxed Meal.
They will be served when boarding the train departing at 12:07 from Kuji Station. (Passengers traveling in the regular cars may also reserve a bento boxed meal.)
*Reservations must be made by 13:00 two days before the day of boarding.
・Enjoy a meal filled with extravagant delicacies from the sea similar to a full sit-down dinner.
Limited to passengers traveling on the Tatami Mat Train departing at 12:07 from Kuji Station. *Reservations for bento and meals must be made by 13:00 two days before day of boarding.

■Reservations for Sweets

Seasonal sweets are also available. Seasonal sweets: 500 yen
*Types of sweets vary according to the season.
Distributed when boarding the train departing at 14:40 from Miyako Station.
*Reservations must be made by 13:00 two days before day of boarding.

■Onboard Events

・Attendants will explain what can be seen outside the window.
・Souvenir photo services will be conducted inside the train.


A Ride Certificate will be presented.

■Onboard Sales

Sanriku Railway merchandise, sake, beer, juice and similar beverages and side dishes will be sold inside the train.

■Discount Ticket

・A 1-day Unlimited Ride Pass will be sold on Saturdays and holidays.) (The 1-day Unlimited Ride Pass and reserved seat ticket can be used to board the Tatami Mat Train.)
・Passengers with the JR Adult Holiday Club Pass and the Long Weekend Holiday JR East Japan - Hakodate Pass may ride the Tatami Mat Train by purchasing a reserved seat ticket.

■Reserved Seat and Bento Reservations

*Sales of reserved seat tickets start at 9:00 up to two months before boarding.
*Bento, meals, and sweets must be reserved by 13:00 two days before day of boarding.

Passenger Services Department, Sanriku Railway Co. Ltd.
TEL.0193-62-8900 Reception hours: 9:00 - 18:00

*Reservations for groups with eight members or more can be placed over two months in advance, so please inquire.
Reservations made over two months in advance must be for groups of about 30 members.

Information About Charting Tatami Mat Train (weekdays only)

■Operational Days:

Reservations for charting the Tatami Mat Train cannot be made for days of regular operation (mainly Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). However, the train can be operated as a charter train on other days (weekdays), so please feel free to do so. There might be times that the regular Tatami Mat Trains cannot accommodate large groups, so we recommend chartering a train on a weekday.
■Seating capacity: maximum 48 passengers can be accommodated.
■Times: The Tatami Mat Train can be operated at times passengers may desire outside of regular operating times. Please consult us about this.
■Sections: The train can also be operated on the sections passengers may desire. (But only on the Kita Riasu Line, and not the Minami Riasu Line.)
■Fares: The train can be chartered for 78,800 yen for one-way travel between Kuji and Miyako and for 52,000 yen for one-way travel between Kuji and Tanohata.
There are no additional charges other than the charter fares and fees. (There is a subsidization scheme for applications from Iwate Prefecture residents other than travel agents that reduces the fares.)
■Stocking of bento and meals: Reservations can be made only for boarding from Kuji Station.
■Application for charter: We request that an application for charter be made 1 month in advance of the day of the charter if possible. Please consult us by telephone first.

Passenger Services Department, Sanriku Railway Co. Ltd.
TEL.0193-62-8900 Reception hours: 9:00 - 18:00