Sanriku Railway Rias Line Location

Sanriku Railway Rias Line
The Rias Line runs 163km (the distance from Sakari station to Kuji station) along the Sanriku Coastline. Beautiful expanses of scenery of the Pacific Ocean can be seen from the train windows, particularly on Osawa Bridge, between Shirai-Kaigan station and Horinai station, where the train slows down so you can appreciate and take pictures of the scenery at your leisure. There are seasonal sightseeing trains, of which the Kotatsu Train running from December to March is particularly popular. This departure from the everyday is an experience that foreign travelers also enjoy, where you stay under the warm kotatsu, eat food, and look out at the winter ocean views during this relaxed train journey.

Travel on the Sanriku Coast
You can enjoy delicious meals from the seafood rich Sanriku ocean area, one of the world's top three fishery locations. There are also memorial areas and remains from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, so you can see what happened at the time and the great damage that it caused to the area. Enjoy scenery, food and learn about the reconstruction efforts on your trip along the Sanriku Coast.

The Michinoku Coastal Trail
The Michinoku Coastal Trail runs over 1,000km from Hachinohe in Aomori to Soma in Fukushima along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. You can experience the dynoamic natural beauty of the forests and the sea along the trail. A lot of the recommended routes on the trail run along the Sanriku Railway line, so please feel free to use the line when travelling between the routes.

Michinoku Coastal Trail