Kuji Station ▶ Rikuchu-Ube Station

Kuji Station

Kuji, the city of amber, pottery and Ama (female divers) is the Rias line's northern entrance.

◎Station information:Independently staffed station
Service desk hours of operation:7:30~18:30
Inside the station:Convenience store, tourism information center, Sanriku Rias Tei Restaurant(offers soba, onigiri, sea urchin bento sets)
Parking Lot:Yes(Paid)
Wheelchair accessibility :Stair lift available
・7 minute walk to Yamase Dofukan Roadside Station
・10 minutes by car to the Moguranpia Aquarium
・34 minutes by bus to the Kosode Ama Center

◎Michinoku Coastal Trail
Kuji Section
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